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My Kinesiology journey started in 2000 after many years battling with Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis. I had exhausted all the traditional allopathic options, becoming resistant to medications and undergoing multiple surgical procedures to correct these conditions without success.

At this point, I felt my options were running out. Over the years I had tried other holistic health approaches like acupuncture, reflexology, etc and although they helped in some areas they never fully addressed the root cause of my symptoms.

It wasn’t until I saw a kinesiologist that my health and well-being turned a significant corner- It did a complete U-Turn! The Kinesiology techniques combined with the skill of the therapist indicated that I had a long-standing food intolerance and this was the root cause of the conditions, I’d had all my life. Could it be that simple?? 

I found this information quite interesting because I too had raised this concern myself with various consultants time after time. I was always told that I had auto-immune diseases and I’d just have to ‘live with them’ - my conditions were not at all linked to any foods or intolerances.

After just a week of removing the offending substances from my diet, I felt SO much better, I cannot tell you. I also had longstanding anxiety and tension, some of this I believe was from my system being so out of balance, that when things were corrected a positive change was inevitable. I came off 90% of my prescription medication and from then on I started to heal and thrive.

From that point on I have never looked back and Kinesiology has now become not only my passion but my work and I now have the opportunity to help clients fully transform their lives for the better. Happier and healthier.

Kinesiology is highly beneficial to anyone and everyone. From just a simple balance for general health purposes to managing and supporting chronic illness, I think it is important to take responsibility for our health and well-being, after all HEALTH IS WEALTH.

"Val has always been my go to with regards to health issues, in one instance treating a skin fungal condition all over my shoulders and chest successfully that had plagued me for years and I hadn't been able to

get treated successfully medically. Life changing for me"

Rachel, Cheltenham

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Systematic Kinesiology

The approach to healthcare that looks at all aspects of health and wellbeing,

by not just dealing with the symptoms.

Kinesiology can help to identify many health problems and sub-clinical imbalances within the body and is used globally by many trained health professionals.


"I have a new lease of life, after a 

course of Systematic Kinesiology"

Mr French

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Below is a video of Charlotte's battle with Endometriosis and how New U Therapies were able to relieve her symptoms through Kinesiology. 


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