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"I have been seeing Val for kinesiology for a few issues over a number of years. I can honestly say that I have felt a huge benefit both physically and emotionally from the treatments. I see Val on a regular basis which helps to keep me in balance and contribute towards my enjoying a happy and healthy lifestyle. Thanks Val, you are amazing and have “magic” hands!"


Lucinda- Cheltenham


"Kinesiology was not something I’d heard of but when it was suggested that it may be helpful I gave it a try ... wow ... it was life changing As I have suffered from digestive issues for many years I was keen to see if this would help. Val was wonderful, so knowledgeable & I soon realised that this was going to be the one thing that could actually improve my whole well being. Val has a natural calm & is able to get to the cause of the problem not just the symptoms. I have continued with kinesiology over the past few years & can honestly say it has changed my life, physically, and emotionally. If you are looking for something that will improve your whole well being then I cannot recommend kinesiology with Val enough. Thank you x "


Catherine- Cheltenham


"I have been fortunate to be the recipient of Kinesiology and I have found my sessions incredibly helpful in determining how best to adjust my lifestyle and eating to optimise my bodies well being. Thank you Val. "


Lynn - North Wales

"I have been a client of Val's for many years, enjoying her massages and various other treatments. It was around 5 years ago though and at a very difficult time in my life I decided to try Kinesiology, having seen Val demonstrate it at one of her lovely open evenings. It took several sessions over a few months but my treatments with Val really made the world of difference, I was mentally, emotionally and physically stronger. Since then I have consulted with Val whenever things aren't 'quite right' and with her expertise, gentle manner and ability to get to what the real issue is I know I am in safe hands and have got back on track. You need do no more than to see Val."


Susan- Bishops Cleeve


"During lockdown, like many of us, I have not looked after myself quite as I should. A session with Val yesterday, in the most amazingly safe environment, has put me back on the right track knowing what I need to do and have been given the confidence to do it."


Sue- Cheltenham


"I have been a client of Val’s for 20 years which in itself says a huge amount about her as a therapist and her range of treatments. Whatever I have going on in life both physically and mentally Val always takes her time to really listen, to tune in to what I might need and provide a treatment that will not only really help me in the moment but tools and tips that help after I leave the treatment room. In my opinion no one else compares to Val, she will always be my number one choice. I highly recommend Val and promise that once you are lucky enough to be treated by her, you won’t want to go anywhere else."


Claire- Shurdington

"Having experienced kinesiology recently, I wish I could convince people to keep an open mind about this treatment.

Personally, for me, I truly believe that it helps me stay in good health, and keeps the doctor away - so to speak. 

It will rebalance and reset your whole body not just one part.

I highly recommend it to anyone."

"After yesterday's session with Val, I immediately felt a shift in my energy.

My mind felt calmer and more peaceful. Thank you for helping me reset and leave the stresses in the past."


"Feel so much better today Val, and have so much more energy, despite the heat! Feeling very positive too! Thank you."


"After my first kinesiology session with Val and in the weeks that followed I can only describe how I felt as so much happier and in a better mood. Almost lighter in myself. Those close to me also noticed this."


"After having kinesiology with Val for a few sessions, my symptoms eased, and now it doesn't affect my life day to day.

I highly recommend going to see Val for kinesiology."


"Last week I went to see Val for kinesiology.

I had not been feeling myself. Sluggish. 

It turns out I have a food sensitivity to various grains and dairy.

In a week my face looks less puffy, I have lost 8 pounds and I am eating more than before.

I can't believe how different I feel quite unexpected."


"After recovering from minor surgery, my energy levels were low and my skin poor, despite having a good skincare routine. 

After a period of feeling out of sorts, I booked kinesiology with Val.

After 2 sessions my energy levels were back, my skin was better and I felt back to my normal self again. Thank you, Val."

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