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£98 Initial Appointment 

£78 follow up 

Kinesiology is a natural health care system, which uses gentle muscle testing to evaluate many functions of the body in the structural, chemical, neurological and biochemical realms.



Children under 12.

I have been working with children for many years and find it an exceptional therapy for children as it offers safe, effective alternative to many childhood disorders. 

Food Sensivity Testing


Correct eating and good foods enhance the body's own natural healing processes, improves the immune system, reduce stress and increases energy on all levels.

Kinesiology is suitable for all the family, from babies to the elderly and all those between. Kinesiology works best as a course of treatment and you would expect to have a minimum of 3-6 sessions, depending upon the reason for visit and severity and length of time you have had the problem. 

For more information on our treatments, fees and bookings please call.




You can download our Kinesiology Consultation Questionnaire, by CLICKING HERE. 

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